KCB Board has approved a Compliance Charter that provides the guiding first principles for the compliance function in managing compliance risks at the KCB Group.

The Compliance Charter provides the Compliance Function’s standing, authority, independence and activities.

Summary statements from the Compliance Charter (place within the notes section on the Compliance page)

  • KCB Group is unequivocally committed to transparent management that emphasizes accountability, disclosure, and compliance with all laws, regulations, codes of conduct and standards of good practice applicable in all the jurisdictions it operates in, and is also committed to conforming to internal policies and standards of operation, and with the highest ethical standards.
  • KCB Group recognizes and affirms that Compliance starts at the top, and that it concerns everyone within the Group.
  • KCB Group holds that Compliance is an integral part of the bank’s entire scope of activities, and it is therefore the responsibility of each and every member of staff to conduct their business in compliance with all applicable requirements.
  • The KCB Code of Ethical Conduct requires members of staff to maintain the highest standards of conduct both at and outside the Group.  This obligation brings with it a responsibility on the part of all staff to act ethically and to observe the letter and spirit of all compliance rules and regulations relevant to their activities.


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