KCB GROUP is committed to creating and maintaining an environment throughout the Group in which good business ethics prevail and a trust-based internal culture is maintained. KCB GROUP is committed to the fundamental values of integrity, transparency, accountability, and adopts a zero tolerance position to all forms of corruption, bribery and unethical business practice at the workplace.

  • The KCB Code of Ethical Conduct requires members of staff and others acting for or on behalf of the KCB GROUP to maintain the highest standards of conduct both at and outside the Group.
  • The Bank has established an Ethics Helpdesk to provide Ethics information to our stakeholders, and as a system for the confidential and anonymous intake, review, and possible investigation and resolution of incidents or questions originating from the public and any of our stakeholders. this Ethics Helpdesk is a useful tool to help manage fraud, workplace abuses and other ethical issues.
  • We believe that through this Helpdesk, our stakeholders have a means ofknowing the expected standards ofconduct by our employees, and also what is expected of parties who may act for, in relationship with,  or on behalf of the KCB Group, before they act.
  • The Ethics Helpdesk also provides a confidential mechanism for our stakeholders and our employees to raise ethics-related, fraud, and internal control concerns, and to anonymously report suspected misconduct

KCB Code of Ethical Conduct

The KCB Code of Ethical Conduct outlines the behaviours and standards of ethical conduct required of all staff and other parties acting in relationship to Group, and places responsibility on these parties to observe the letter and spirit of all compliance laws, rules and regulations relevant to their activities. The Code of Ethical Conduct applies to all Directors, employees of KCB GROUP including subsidiaries, consultants, agents and others acting for the Bank.

  • All KCB Group Employees and others who act for the Group are required to be committed to demonstrating a level of professionalism and integrity that the stakeholder shall be able to see and rely on.
  • We prohibit the offer, gift, or acceptance of a facilitation fee, bribe or inducement in any from, including cash token and kickbacks, on any portion of a contract payment, or the use of other routes or channels to provide improper benefits to customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, or employees of any such parties, or to government officials.
  • The KCB Group prohibits any contribution made by or on behalf of the Group, of corporate funds or other corporate assets, directly or indirectly to, or in support of, any political party, political committee or candidate for public office.
  • KCB Employees or others parties working on behalf of the KCB Group are prohibited from making direct or indirect contributions on its behalf to parties, organizations, or individuals engaged in politics, as a way of obtaining advantage in business transactions.
  • We require all employees to declare their interests with any parties that the Group plans to do business with, and especially where they have a role in determining the business relationship.
  • We shall apply our ethical policies in its dealings with customers, agents, contractors and other third parties with whom it has business relationships. Where necessary, due diligence shall be conducted on the third party with a view to determining whether or not to do business with them.
  • Our recruitment, selection, training, promotion, performance management, recognition and career management policies and procedures shall reflect our commitment to the Ethics Policy.
  • Personal interests of KCB Group employees are not allowed to influence or appear to influence Bank transactions. All employees are required to declare any situation that poses a potential conflict of interest.
  • We will not disclose proprietary information relating to our suppliers, customers and competitors without proper authorization.
  • All staff and parties engaged in any relationships with KCB Group or its staff, are required to comply with the law and not engage in Insider Dealing. Insider dealing relates to using information for material gain in shares trading, where such information is obtained by virtue of one’s relationship or employment, which information is not generally available to shareholders and the public in general, and which, if it were so available, would likely bring a material change in the market price of the said shares
  • In no circumstances should gifts of cash be made to or received KCB Group employees. All employees are prohibited to receive cash gifts in any amount.
  • External parties are not allowed to offer or give, any KCB Group Employee or Director any business gifts to which could create an appearance of impropriety.
  • We prohibit any form of harassment in the workplace
  • KCB Group shall maintain its obligation to its stakeholders; customers, shareholders, staff and the community to operate in a way that advances sustainability and mitigates its environmental impact.
  • We have provided policies and secure and accessible mechanisms through which employees and others can raise concerns and report ethical wrong-doing in confidence and without fear of reprisal.

Our Values and Value Commitments

Our values are stated in “Our Values Come Alive” document, which is a formal statement of KCB’s commitment to attaining the highest standards of Ethics and Business Conduct.

As an organization are committed to providing all our employees with a healthy and safe work environment, where fair, equitable, and non-discriminatory employment practices prevail.  Our employees in turn provide ethics value to our stakeholders.

We provide our ethics value to our stakeholders as follows:

With regard to Customers:

We are committed to the ethical treatment of the people to whom we have an obligation. Emphasis is laid on maintaining open lines of communication, which in turn yield loyalty and respect from our customers.

With regard to shareholders:

We are committed to providing a superior return to our shareholders and improving the value of their investment through prudent utilization of corporate resources, existence of reliable internal controls and maintaining accurate and honest accounting records, with reports portraying the actual financial position of the organization

With regard to suppliers:

We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and vendors. This is achieved by: obeying the law, carefully bidding, negotiating and performing contracts, ensuring the avoidance of illegal and questionable gifts/favors and avoiding conflicts of interest.

With regard to the community:

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen of the regions within which we operate. This is by paying taxes, providing relevant products and services and by engaging in sustainable business practices.

With Regard to Competition:

We are committed to competing fairly for business and to basing our efforts solely on the merits of our competitive offerings.

With regard to Sustainable Practices and The Environment:

We are committed embracing Sustainable activities and strategies that will facilitate meeting the needs of current stakeholders without compromising the ability of future generations to meeting their own needs. We are therefore committed to conserving the environment and maintaining sustainability of the environment for future generations.

We have adopted a sustainability framework that addresses the three broad pillars of Environment, Social and Economic sustainability: Environmental sustainability focuses on environmental conservation efforts, waste management, climate change, greenhouse gas emission prevention etc.

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