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Corporate Financing

Through our resources, we are well placed to ensure that our corporate and institutional customers meet their financial and capital raising needs. Go ahead with us.

  • Syndicated Term Loans

    Looking for long-term financing for a large project? A syndicated term loan is the best bet. Being a curation of various lenders, it works perfectly for both parties, allowing for diversification of credit risk for the bank and the full funding for the customer.

  • Corporate Bonds

    Through investing in bonds, you can raise funds for your short to medium term projects. With our expertise, we enable our clients to obtain financing for long-term projects and large ticket expenditure programs.



    1. Improved returns on project

    By lowering the cost of funds you will obtain a fixed or floating rate pricing from the market, thus improving the total return from your project.

    1. Enjoy a fixed rate

    Obtain fixed rate pricing from the bond market and thus lock-in your funding costs for the duration of the borrowing period.


    Insurance Premium Finance

    This product enables clients to pay their premiums over time by reducing the financial strain of lump-sum premium payments. It covers assets such as Houses, cars, trucks, medical insurance, office equipment, stock etc.

    Product Feature and Benefits

    • The customer pays the first installment upfront which also includes interest after which the bank releases the total premium to the insurance company’s account in KCB facilitating immediate insurance cover to the client
    • Subsequent installments paid monthly in advance through current account debit
    • The insurance company shall act as a guarantor of the client such that if the client fails to honor their obligations the bank shall proceed to call up the guarantee and demand for the unutilized portion of the insurance premiums from the insurance company
    • Requirements:
      • Tripartite Agreement to be signed by all three parties
      • ID/TIN certificate for individuals and directors
      • Memo & Articles of Association for companies
      • Certificate of incorporation or registration
    • IPF indicative rates :
      • Minimum IPF amount is Rwf 50,000.
      • Minimum interest charged is Rwf 20,000
      • The interest is quoted over the specified period
      • For the amount above Rwf 500,000 a negotiation fee of 1% is charged
    • Benefits:
      • Easy application process (48hrs)
      • Reduced pressure on working capital
      • Flexible repayment terms (10 installments maximum)
      • Early settlement options available
      • Choose from a wide range of underwriters
      • Wide range of insurance products
      • Competitive interest rates

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