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Custody Services

KCBR Custody Services offers a wide range of clearing and settlement services for local investors, international investors, institutional investors, high net worth individuals, collective investment schemes, Employee Share Option Schemes and retirement benefits schemes trading in the capital and money markets.

Our Core Services Are:-

• Safe Custody Services
• Transaction Settlement Services
• Capital And Income Collection Services
• Corporate Action Administration
• Proxy Voting Services
• Activity Reporting
• Corporate Trustee Services

  • Safe Custody

    We provide safe custody services for the physical documents of title for our customers’ investments in the money and capital markets in our designated safe custody area.

    As an Agent of the Central Depository (CDA), we provide for the administration of the electronic records of our customers’ holdings in quoted equities in designated accounts at the Depository.

  • Transaction Settlement

    We offer timely and efficient settlement of all our customers’ transactions in the local and international capital and money markets.

  • Corporate Actions Aand Proxy Voting

    We notify our customers of all forthcoming corporate events and implement our customers’ instructions. We offer proxy voting.

  • Activity Reporting

    We provide comprehensive reports including bank statements, activity reports, holding reports, corporate action reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Trustee Services

    We provide a full range of Trustee Services for Collective Investment Schemes and ESOP Schemes regulated by the Capital Markets Authority.

  • Client Services

    We aim to establish proactive business relationships to respond to our customers’ requirements and we offer a single point of contact through a dedicated Client Service representative.

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