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KCB Mobiloan

Need cash? We got you. Borrow a one-month KCB Mobi loan at a rate of 6% and sort out your financial needs without stress. It is fast, easy and you get to access the highest limits as you borrow.

What we need from you

  • Log into KCB Mobi using "'522 or Mobi App on your
  • Select
  • Then select Request Loan
  • Enter Amount
  • Select account where the money-Is to be credited.
  • Select the loan
  • Accept terms and conditions and confirmation of the details just
  • An initial SMS message  will be sent immediately on confirmation of request   for loan
  • A second SMS message is sent on successful or unsuccessful request


Paying Back Mobiloan:

There are two options: - You may wait for the loan to be automatically recovered from your account on the Due Date or pay before the due date by following these steps:

  • From 'Mobiloan’ menu
  • Select 'Pay Loan'
  • Enter Amount and Confirm
  • A SMS message will be sent on successful or unsuccessful request.

Checking for Loan balance:

On the Mobiloan menu:

  • Select option 4 "Loan Status” and then you will receive a response that contains your Loan

Loan Limit:

  • Minimum Rwf 500 and Maximum Rwf 500,000 / Month.

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