KCB Internet Banking allows you to conveniently do financial transactions e.g. funds transfer, bill payments on a secure internet platform


  • Flexibility and convenience –24hrs access to your KCB account and KCB services
  • Control over your finances
  • Platform is highly secure and you can access from the comfort of your office, home and even while on holiday.
  • No need to visit a branch for simple financial transactions e.g. checking your balance, mini statements and bank to bank transfers.

Qualifying criteria

  • Must have a KCB bank account
  • Must register for KCB Internet banking

Rates and fees

  • No fee to access KCB Internet banking and check balances or get mini statement apart from data charges.
  • No monthly access fee.
  • Fees charged for fund transfers depending on amount, inter-bank charges etc. Check your detailed statements for the applicable rates and fees.


  • To open a KCB account –Fill in application form then visit your nearest branch or KCB Iwacu agent to apply for a KCB account.
  • Apply for Internet banking at your nearest KCB branch

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